Fall down and worship at the feet of the Rubber Mistress


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Welcome.... a foreword from Mistress Tamika...

'....as you will know from my main site and from first hand experience in some cases, I enjoy the sensation and feel of rubber. It's a very sensual medium and enhances all senses.

Whilst the appearance of latex is very visual ... the tightness, the shine... you also have the feel of it against your skin, the noise it makes when you climb into a suit or when I pull on my overcoat, and then there is the smell, the aroma of rubber that assails me when I open my dungeon at the start of every day.

I love the smell of rubber in the morning, it reminds me of ...... submission!'

Submit yourself, feel the rubber against your skin, explore the cocooned sensation as you are wrapped and bound in a latex womb. The physical contact with rubber aids in the process of submission and diminishes the pressures of the outside world.
 Take a rubber clad journey with me, feel yourself bound hand and foot, hear the sound of the rubber as my skirts swish past you as you lie blindfold on the floor. Feel it as my latex gloved hand runs over your body and experience the heat! 


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